Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wish the wedding couple

Here's your opportunity to write down a thing or two to us. Make it sweet, interesting, funny, romantic, anything! We'll flash it up in some creative multimedia/presentation/slides during the wedding or print it out and keep it in our hearts :)

 Just leave your comments in the comments tab. Who knows, you might be seeing your comments up in the slides.

"Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts." William Shakespeare

(Several people mentioned to me that this comment thing doesn't work that well. Solution: Wait awhile for the word verification to load or play with the edit button till it appears. Must be some blogspot bug)


  1. Thank you for visiting this page, just leave your well wishes or stories of us that you can remember and let us relive it. Thanks again.

  2. I will always remember Charis as the caring 'Mama' that never failed to love and accept me... and Samuel as the 'Papa' that never failed to make me laugh at every conversation that we had. Congrats to the both of you. May you both grow old gracefully together :p

    Much ♥,
    Jacintha (ah lui :p)

  3. Sam the 'Dancing Futsal player'; Charis the 'Cowboys Cheerleader', and it's a perfect team! Rock on! =D

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  5. dear Samuel, my Duke. you have been in my service for a number of years now, and although there is distance between us, our bond has remained strong. i have fond memories of our time together, but it would appear that the time for your apprenticeship is over.

    you have proved yourself a worthy vassal to me, but now you must serve a greater Mistress. i thereby free you from your shackles to me - only to be chained to another.

    may your life of serfdom, *ahem*, i mean marriage, by merry and blessed.

    all the best, lordosaya

  6. Hi, Charis & Samuel,

    May God bless you in this new phase of life!

    Samuel, since you were in Melaka, I didn't know you so well, but Charis, I had the joy of seeing you be a good and responsible leader in CF, and it was also great to meet your family when I went to Ipoh.

    Have fun learning Thai!

    God bless,
    Dr. Ian

  7. Hello! Becky here, I got the facebook note thing :)
    Have a great wedding!
    ~becky soh

  8. Hey you both.... I'm not sure if I have met Samuel, well maybe I have, once, if ever.. but I have known Charis since.. er.. perhaps 20 years ago and we were only seperated by a fence!! :) She's like the cutest one ever, forever witty..

    Congratulations to you both.. and there is a very, very high chance I couldn't make it to the wedding as the date clashes with my BodyCombat instructor training course which I will be enrolling in.. Nevertheless, I'm sure the fun and the happiness will not be any lesser even without my presence.. !!!

    Make lots of babies yah.. you know.. Chinese population is dwindling... hahahaa....!!!!

  9. sam the not so serious yet serious role model
    charis the sweet and friendly girl
    a very meaningful decision with lots of love and joy

    i m delighted to share this wonderful n blessed event and may the LORD keep u both in His sweet sweet love together forever...


  10. congratulations :D
    i am so sorry that i cannot come for your big day on 24th, but i am truly certain that the good Lord will bless you both, and it will be a wonderful day.

    take care and all the very best in your future marital life!

  11. Sam + Charis!!!

    Both of you are the wings joined by Him in the centre!!!
    It takes a pair of wings to fly...

    Both of you are the perfect wings that will bring a new family to great heights!!!

    God Bless n Congratulations!!!

  12. Congratulations to Charis and Samuel. So wonderful to see a lovely couple being united as one. All the best for everything and May God Bless you every step of the way (including the little baby steps!!)


  13. I remember well the day Sam gleefully told all of us, "My hand is not a 'virgin' anymore!".

    Congratulations Samuel and Charis. I'm sure that it has been a wonderful journey for the both of you from being acquaintances, to friends, to close friends, to deciding to have a committed relationship as a couple, and finally to be joined together in holy matrimony.

    May all the days ahead be happy ever after!

  14. Joanne the WalkerMarch 23, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    Samuel and Charis,

    Remember to hug each other to sleep every night :)


  15. Wishing the both you great happiness as you journey into the next chapter of your lives together be it in bussling street of Bangkok or back to mouth watering Malaysia. Have loads of FUN, LOVE & JOY together as ONE. God bless.

    Joseph & Tse Yuin

  16. Charis.. the lovely, gentle spirited CFMMU president.
    Sam Yau.. the crazy, funny, friendly MMUCF president.
    Long distance is an understatement to them.
    Finally... united.. FOR GOOD! Until death do them part. ;)
    Am truly happy for the both of you. Keep it real!

    Rachel Ann

  17. grandpaSam's getting married! Yay!!!
    Mighty Congratulations to the both of you as the greatest journey of your life begins! God bless :)

    (the one he calls ShortShort)

  18. Everyone says that Sam is every girl's dream guy and Charis is every guy's dream girl. Looks like you both are made for each other!

    Wishing you all the Happiness in the world and God bless!


  19. "Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing."-- Goethe

    Welcome to the real thing! May you journey well with God and one another ;)

  20. Oh no! Joni just broke out in chicken pox!!! So she has to stay home for about a week, until the spots crust over! So it is unlikely she'll be healed by the time your wedding comes around!

  21. "Samuel and Charis"- this phrase have been known to me since i stepped into MMU and joined the CF, though i've never had any moments with both of you together, but the mention of "Samuel and Charis" just paints a happy and loving picture in my mind... I hope this picture of mine will continue to be true till the day our Lord comes again!

    to Samuel and Charis.... with love.

  22. Dear Charis and Samuel,

    I may not know Samuel too well as i have only met you once. What i may say about Charis is she has a good soul and a kind heart and she always puts a smile on our faces. Some may say opposites attract but others would also say like minded people get along very well. And knowing Charis she would go for someone who is like minded. I wish the both of you many happy returns and best wishes on your union.

    I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your .... wedding...

    ...on the day of your .... wedding. And I hope that your first child be a masculine child. ... (ok i stole that line off the godfather 1 which is still an awesome movie btw hahaha)

    Cheers guys.

    Much love and never ending friendship,
    Amri Sofi

  23. We're so sad to be missing the wedding starting in 10 minutes' time!

    Joni's chicken pox is really bad today -- see the photo at my blog