Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The journey of a thousand miles... (Charis chats)

...begins with a single step. It started with a question, then an answer...

They say marriage is a journey, but I never would've realized I've started on the journey even before we've exchanged our vows. I guess as girls, we've always been ready and the key to the ignition is merely a question. Once the engine is started, the journey starts!

I'm talking about wedding planning. Once we've decided to do it ourselves, it has brought me to many places and led me to people I won't ordinarily meet. If you could just see what I have jotted down on my mini notebook, iPod Touch, handphone, flaps of stray paper... you'd see how the journey evolved from the booking of the hotel, to the wedding gowns, to the invitation cards, to the caterers, to the wedding cake...

It is a wonderful thing to be experiencing all the details by yourselves... although, some people would prefer to give it all to the experts. My focus would be on the joy of planning. It's like slaving over an American quilt (I really want to learn how to make those!) stitch by stitch till its finality. Beautiful!

So, read on with us as we continue this journey. Soon, I'll be packing my bags for yet another journey, going stitch by stitch, one step at a time.

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