Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our first anniversary (Charis writes)

Through the years, we've forgotten so many of our "firsts" so we decided for our first anniversary, it will be something we will remember. You know, it wasn't too long ago that we said our vows and I remembered thinking, with tears streaming down my face, "This is it! This is the first day of our forever!". So thanks to all of you who supported and lifted us up in prayer as we walked together this one year. The journey is still far ahead of us!

We celebrated this day a little earlier, taking full advantage of the Songkran holiday and unredeemed hotel loyalty points and had another honeymoon! We "traveled" to the Bangkok Riverside and checked-in in a hotel with a great view. Mostly it was a time of relaxation and spending time together. Even though we were still in Bangkok, it was a part where we seldom visited, so it felt like we were away anyway :)

And how are we celebrating it today? After a wonderful Easter evening service, we came home and celebrated our anniversary the Malaysian way - half a kg of Thai durians and Glee! Enjoy the pictures!

The hotel knew it was our anniversary so there were rose petals and swans! 
We had a beautiful view of the Chao Phraya river.
Silhouettes in the sky (we couldn't resist the photo-opportunity!).
Then we had dinner in Khinlom Chom Sa Phan, an open-air restaurant which is also by the river with a great view of the Rama 8 bridge. Fresh seafood, a steady breeze from the river with live, light and easy music - what more can we ask for...

And in true Malaysian style - here's the skinny on the food we had!
Fruit salad with shrimps.
Salted grilled fish with lemongrass with raw vegetables.
Pineapple fried rice with deep-fried shrimps and pork floss.
The Seafood Platter - grilled.
Night view of the Rama 8 bridge.

It was the first day of Songkran. This car was "blessed" with wet powder from a few people :)
Enjoying the hotel's infinity pool which had deck chairs on water as well.
Happy Anniversary, darling :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Master Chefs in Bangkok - Charis writes

It's almost coming to a year now since I moved to Bangkok (Sam moved here a few months before me) and I can't imagine how time flew. They say time moves faster when you're having fun and that is partly true, especially when you have parents as fun as I do!

My parents came in March and stayed with us for a week. My parents couldn't believe we've been cooking rice in a small microwaveable pot for 2 and so they got us a wonderful rice cooker that has baking, steaming and slow cooking functions. Never will anyone say my daughter can only cook rice for 2, they said. I have not tried all the functions yet, but the idea of baking in it is just awesome!

Needless to say, Sam and I were pretty spoilt with home-cooked  food as long as Mummy was around. But nothing beats the final showdown, where the dynamic duo prepared dinner for our final meal together. Dad created the largest "bonfire" ever seen in that kitchen, not unlike those fires you see from the uncle at the "Tai Chau" restaurant. Here are some stolen shots of the moment.

Mum doing her thing. See how fast she moves, it's a blur!
Master Chefs in action.
Proudly showing their achievement - a 6-course Chinese dinner!
Thanks Mum and Dad, we love you! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A year of marriage

Wow, a year of marriage. Felt the year past by real quick. Exciting times.