Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bangkok Life (Sam speaks)

So I have this other blog which I've not touched since I got engaged. And since we got this blog here so why not continue on from here. Instead of keeping it just as a wedding blog, it'll be so much more interesting if we continue on from here, no longer as individuals to get but ONE (so either Charis or I can update it - which I'm hoping will get more updates than previously :)) then I don't need to update so many blogs - as if I do update it :P

As of now, I've been in Bangkok for almost 4 months. It's not as different from back home apart from the language. Food and streets are pretty much similar. 

Still trying to get a hang of the Thai language which I must's tough 

 By the way, this is where I'm staying at the moment:

 Way smaller than what I'm used to but I'm not complaining, managed to pimp it up pretty good but I'm guessing when Charis comes it'll be more "family" like, unlike now. (The ultimate bachelor pad):

 *Picture is slightly exaggerated. This is the picture that I got when I keyed in "ultimate bachelor pad" 

Ok! Slightly more than 2 more months to go to the wedding. Think the hardest part is coordinating/planning a wedding from so far away. Charis seems to be doing all the work till now where I’m only controlling the budget.

We got some fantastic people who’ve “volunteered” to graciously help with the wedding preps which I’m grateful for (but the real work has yet to begin!)

BUT that’s on the wedding part which we will continue to work on and if time permits updates some sound bites here.

So how’s Bangkok life? Come and pay me a visit :)

*Random pictures from the net

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