Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wedding

"To God be the Glory"

On this date, Saturday, 24th April 2010, we will no longer be two separate individuals but one. We will vow ourselves to one another, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

It'll be an honor and privilege if you could come and bear witness to this momentous occasion

Wedding Ceremony/Reception
Location: Luther Centre, Petaling Jaya. 
Time: 2pm
Dress code: Sunday's best
RSVP: Do inform us if you're coming (email: or revert on the Facebook event RSVP which we'll be sending soon. Also feel free to bring your family, spouse, partner, other friends that know either of us. 
Parking: Not the easiest place to get parking so we do encourage you to come earlier to find one around the area.

Parking suggestions:
1. Luther Centre underground carpark (only about 60 cars - very limited)
2. Astaka parking - First turning on your left after Luther Centre and Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital (5mins walk)
3. Armada hotel open carpark (5mins walk)

The place is pretty new so you might by pass it if you're there for the first time. Anyway, this is what it looks like

Outside (It's just next to a construction site):

Inside (We'll be the first wedding that's held in this hall!):



Weddings are always a good time for reunion, meeting up old (and new) friends, making new connections, provide a different perspective, rekindle long lost family ties and of course have a good time. 

Each one of you has touched our lives one way or another (even when you don't know it) that has influenced us to be who we are right now. On this day, we hope that you could come, celebrate and make this more meaningful for us - it'll probably be just an hour or so :)

Moreover, this day is a special day for us on so many levels, apart from it being a wedding, it will also be a farewell as right after the wedding, Charis and I will be moving to Bangkok to start our new lives there and won't be sure when will we be back next. We'll be flying off Tuesday itself (3 days after the wedding). It will be a time, we bid all farewell and hope to see you soon.

PS: Something interesting we're doing, do send us your well wishes and we'll put it up on the screen during the wedding. Can do it here

Wedding Dinner: There will be a dinner but it'll mostly be family members, relatives and close friends so come for the wedding ceremony/reception instead at Luther Centre at 2pm (it'll be just like the movies, i hope :))

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sam & Charis.

    Congrats on your nuptials.
    Apologies I could not make it as i was shifting back to Seremban on that day.
    Anyway, I wana ask your advice on behalf of a friend.
    She is thinking of doing a ROM separately from the church ceremony.
    Since you guys also did the same, what happened at the church?

    I mean, since you are already legally married, it can't be another signing the register at the church, can it?

    Thanks for your time and advice.
    Congrats again.

    -Lydia Sim