Friday, October 21, 2011

The bun in our oven (Charis)

Aside from breaking the news to your family, I think the most memorable moment is finding out firsthand that you are expecting. We didn't find that out the romantic way - I didn't pee on a stick, get the reading and wonder how to break it to my husband. I didn't have the opportunity to see how Samuel's reaction would be like, much like how he saw me reacting to his marriage proposal, now so many moons passed.

Nope, nothing like all that. We found it out, together, at the doctor's.

I knew, before our visit to the doctor's, that there was something going on. The signs and symptoms were all there. But we have been trying for awhile and since nothing has come out of it, we didn't want to put our hopes up. Plus I had psychosomatic symptoms of pregnancy before this when I thought I was when I wasn't - I didn't want to be silly. And I guess we were trying not to jinx it or something :)

That should be how it should be like - finding it out together. Holding hands when we saw Little Bean for the first time on the monitor, tears trickling down my face, thinking, "So there you are, baby. You're so, so beautiful."

Next: The journey so far...


  1. super excited for you!
    btw: i never thought the pee on the stick reveal was all that romantic but the idea of it did always seem fun.
    we too found out together... and it's a moment we'll always treasure - even though my planned way of surprising him will probably never happen.

  2. hey. COngrats gal. So happy for u..........=)

  3. Congratulations, Charis & Sam! It will be an exhausting but full of joy.

  4. Btw u both affected by the flood?

  5. Thanks, guys! The romanticism in peeing in the stick is that you get to keep it, haha, I think!

    Anne & Scott, thanks for dropping by! We're not affected by the floods but we came back to KL for 2 weeks just in case :)