Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We're still alive! (Samuel, Charis + 1)

What better way to revive a blog than to announce a new life? :)

Samuel and I are going to be proud parents soon and we hope you are able to share our happiness and joy in welcoming our "Little Bean", as he/she is now called. We hope to be able to share with you as much as possible on our new journey in this blog. So to all our friends out there, you are now officially "uncles" and "aunties" (if you aren't already) :)

Aunty Joanne Kek says it best to sum up the whole situation:
"Charis, you and Sammy have successfully spawned and you are now with sprog!"

The picture that accompanied the email we sent to Samuel's parents telling them about Little Bean.

Next: Video of Charis' parents receiving the good news.


  1. congrats charis...

    MMU Alpha year

  2. congratulations! we are so incredibly excited for you two! it was almost a year ago when we first met you and you blessed our growing family... so looking forward to seeing your own family blossom! (((hugs))) p.s. we're thinking of passing through beginning of february. ;)

  3. Congrats!... very happy for both of you... =)

  4. @Pravin - Thanks, old friend! :)
    @Mel - We're thrilled too! Can't wait to see u guys again :)
    @Jarod/Jennifer - Thanks so much for remembering us! Do visit us in Feb, your children have grown so much! :)
    @Benji - Thanks! Hope you're enjoying married life as well! :)