Monday, November 7, 2011

The journey so far... (Charis spills)

... has been rather exciting. I wouldn't say it is as nerve-wrecking as a roller coaster ride, but it sure ain't a stroll in the park either!

Firstly, a decent woman can only stand so many hormonal changes! Secondly, the weighing scale has GOT to go. And lastly, a little ache and a pain here and there will see me running to the "experts" on the WWW.

Here was what I googled (please don't laugh, ok!). See answers below.

1. Will I hurt my baby if I sneezed too hard?
2. Can my baby hear the music I am hearing from the earphones?
3. Why isn't my belly button popping out?
4. Why am I showing at 4 months?

Answer 1: No, but the pain you are feeling is from uterine expansions.
Answer 2: NO.
Answer 3: Not every woman is a popper. But it certainly doesn't determine the gender of your baby!
Answer 4: Unspecified. I tell people it's because I have winter storage like bears in hibernation (and then scuttle away in a corner to sulk).

I am not worried, though. The questions first-time mummies ask in online forums can be downright amusing sometimes! Like, "Can my baby hear my thoughts?". Lol!

Can they? :-/

Next: The chromosomes tell it all...


  1. Hi charis,

    I am 31 weeks today. Another 9 more weeks or maybe 8 if he decides to come a lil early just like his brother.

    U are in Bangkok rite? Dun they haf prenatal massages there? Or try to sneak one in when u r back in kl/Ipoh...

  2. Hi Shirlin, no pre-natal massages for me here :( Can't find any here and even if there is one, I'd be afraid to go try it! Maybe I'll just go for foot massages...

    Ooh wow, 8-9 more weeks is very, very soon! All the best and take care ya!