Monday, October 10, 2011

The ultimate :-o look! (Charis shares)

As promised, in this post we will share with you a video of us announcing our little creation to my parents. I've always wanted to do a video like this ever since I saw a similar "Announcing the Baby" clip on America's Funniest Home Videos. Although the beginning threatened to be a disaster, my mother's beautiful O-shaped mouth of surprise along with my dad's chuckle easily brought happy tears to my eyes. It is even more meaningful as we were not there to announce it personally, so my sister (who was the first to know of Little Bean's existence btw!) helped prepare everything, including taking and editing this video and the whole family (including newcomer baby Travis!) was there to witness this.

Thank you, Caryn! *hugs*


  1. Charis, I can't stop laughing looking at your parents reactions...especially your mom's. You have great parents. I lost count how many times your dad said, ask her to be careful wor...

    CONGRATS, Charis.

    Love you,
    Aunty WL

  2. "So this baby is made in Bangkok one lah" hahahaha. Such a cute way to tell your parents! :D Congrats again! See you in Nov. :D

  3. hahahaha. priceless expression on your mom!
    For a moment I thought they were gonna think it was Caryn's announcement. lols.

  4. hahah funny how there are SO into the details...lols -melng-

  5. Eh, is it just me, or do they look indifferent? How many times did Caryn had to say "call her la" before mummy starts looking for a phone.

    "Be careful" That's all daddy can say?

    I think I am more excited that those two :)

    Congratulations, by the way ^_^

  6. @melisa: yups, i was getting a lil worried there cz' they might think i'm the one having a baby instead. haha..

  7. Asher said it best: "Waaaaaaaawawaawawawa!!!"

  8. Super cute the video... Caryn you really sound like Charis!