Sunday, March 28, 2010

A week in Bangkok and some of the pre-wedding shots (Sam speaks)

The countdown has begun, it's about a month's time to the wedding and things are getting pretty exciting. Charis was down in Bangkok for about a week to buy "some" stuffs for the wedding as well as do our pre-wedding shoots. Didn't had a lot of budget for it so we got someone cheap which turned out quite good. Had fun doing it as well. 

Anyway, Charis just left about an hour ago and I'm back home now realizing the place is a lot cleaner with Charis around throughout the week. She wanted to take a "before/after" picture of the place but somehow I manage to put it away. It would have looked something like this - someone else's room picture:

Throughout the week that Charis was here, I was still working so the only time we manage to do things together was at night. During the day, Charis was out living the Thai "Tai tai" dream :)
Was great that we had time to even met up with Niger, Lilian, Gim and Steph who were in Bangkok for the week as well. 

We ate a lot.fullstop (my double chin is back - lots of weight loss to do in the coming 3 weeks)

Still the highlight of the week was still taking the pre-weddings shots so here it goes:

We are in Thailand so gave the Thai traditional costumes a go.

(Here's a little publicity for Audrey where we wore her "Art shirt")

This dude and his apprentice followed from morning till night, taking as many pictures as we want, changing to as many clothes as we want, in as many locations as we want, and change as many hairstyles and make ups as we want. Not a bad deal considering Charis and I are not that photogenic kind of people. Even looking back, we don't really have many pictures of us thoughout the years (except those taking by the ever faithful Kang Wei and Janet Ptd Ltd)

So the countdown begins again, one month. Quick, RSVP via the facebook events that we sent out/email us for the wedding ceremony at Luther Centre where the real magic comes alive!

See ya then

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  1. There photos are just so nice :) Congrats ^^
    Sam: Sorry yah, still not able to arrange my schedule yet. Will try my best to have my brother @ your wedding hehe