Monday, March 29, 2010

Housemaid for a week (Charis cleans)

I'm counting down to two events - the wedding and also my impending move to the Land of Smiles. The feeling is bittersweet and I am not sure if my mind has fully taken in the full weight of moving to a foreign country.

Until I played housemaid for a week. 

I wonder if they have this my size.

As Samuel alluded to earlier, I spent a whole day scrubbing, mopping and throwing away stuffs. When I lamented to a friend by email whilst enjoying a hot cuppa after a hard day's work, she said,"Charis, you sound like a housewife already!". Puh-lease, that's the last thing I'm gonna be. Now, just you sit down and eat that slowly before you start dropping crumbs everywhere!

Sam & I exchanged quips over my cleaning the house which went something like this: No dear, I didn't re-arrange your house, I put back things where they're supposed to be and no I don't think your ability to adapt to changes is why you let me clean the place :)

Our friends (and newly-weds!) Nigerlian & Gimphanie came to visit us and it's the first time Sam and I played host in our soon-to-be home. One thing we both know is that we love having friends over and I'm going to miss having friends around to hang around and chat with. So, friends, please do come visit!
Pre-wedding pics
The pre-wedding photos we took earlier with a local photo studio was just fabulous, as you can see in Sam's latest post. I had unlimited change in makeup, so at the end of the day I had 5 layers of makeup on my face which started to crack like a river dried up in the desert. One whole day of acrobats, both on face and back, taking bimbo shots (as my brother called it). Haha! I loved it, though! 

The countdown begins!
My heart skipped a beat when I looked at the month slowly turning to April. And the sudden sliver of realization zapping through my synapses waking me up in the middle of sleep that this time next month - I will be on my honeymoon. The pic of the housemaid costume on the mannequin looms menacingly at the back of my head but that's not going to stop me from being excited and just patiently waiting, waiting - to be a Wife.

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