Monday, March 15, 2010

Here's what you guys have wrote in so far

Remember when we send out our invites, we wanted to do this thing of publishing all the well wishes, stories, etc on to some slides during the wedding. Here're are some of those that we've received so far:

"I will always remember Charis as the 
caring 'Mama' that never failed to love and accept me... 
and Samuel as the 'Papa' that never failed to 
make me laugh at every conversation that we had. 
Congrats to the both of you. 
May you both grow old gracefully together :p" - Jacintha Loke

"i ♥ Sam + Charis!" - Mel

"Many happy endeavours, blessings and 
little bundles of joy in your life together!" – Celine Chew

I hope Chunky Monkey has managed to lose 
some of that chunkiness before the wedding photos :) 
but Thai food is so good to resist!!" – Joanne Lim

"Two beautiful individuals with a Melaka-Cyberjaya relationship finally tying the knot!! woohoo! We're both very very happy for you, Sam & Charis! Love you guys heeps!!! :)" – Kang Wei Janet

"I have to. ;)" – Deric

"I want to see little Sams (maybe not so little) and little Charis'es. God bless the new journey you both gonna embark!" – Seong

"Finally! :)" - Weeliem

"Samuel and Charis, may your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on you wedding!" - Don

"err... hold those hands tight... :)" Edmund

"ahhh... finally, the kilometers apart becomes millimeters apart! :) 
you both have been great inspirations and role models :) 
thank you!" - Beatrice Leong

"You are the first couple that i met when i entered UNI. Well you are not an "official item" yet at the moment, but anyone could tell the sparks that flies between you. :p I believe it's not an easy task to wait till you finish all your responsibility as a student and then only work on your relationship together, and I'd really admire the way you did it as a couple and I believe you both will do great as husband and wife. It's really so beautiful that you are finally getting married. And with all my heart I wished you both a " happy ever after" !!!!" Grace Goh

and many more...

It's still a month away to the wedding so there's still time, do it here

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  1. You both were made for each other...reminds me of the malay proverb "like an areca nut split in 2 halves".