Monday, January 21, 2013

Jared is growing up (Charis writes)

How time flies! I must've said this a gazillion times but each time this hits me again and again. Our son is growing up fairly quickly and imaginative glances into the future (son going to school, dating and then getting married) always tears me up. Was it only yesterday I held him in my arms, him bundled up so snugly in his snuggly blanket thingy (I've even forgotten what's it called). Then, he could only move his arms and legs slightly. Now.... can you say Speedy Gonzales?

Having a baby made me look back into my past more often. Just the other day I was thinking about instilling self-esteem, confidence and wisdom in making choices in life for a child. It brought me back to a day in Sunday School when the teacher asked us what we would like to be when we grew up. I confidently replied, "a hairdresser!". The teacher hesitated and then asked if I wanted to be something else other than a hairdresser? What the teacher didn't know was that I had been to the hairdresser's before and they gave me a full braid which I had for about 4 days. That braid made me so happy I wanted to be a hairdresser.

Will I be supportive of what my child decides to do in life in the future? Or at least know the story behind his choices? Do I gently push him into a certain path or let him walk his own but offer guidance along the way? How did our parents raise us up?

Jared is growing up... and I guess, I am too :)

For now, the only self-esteem my son needs is to get on the push-walker. I know he can do it, but just right now he's a little bit hesitant. And also in the habit of shaking his head.


  1. ha, ha, I laugh so much to see him shaking his head. Sooo.....cute.

  2. too cute! sterling & i watched the video together. sterling was convinced that jared was his daddy as a baby! :D
    hope to get to see you when we're visiting next month!

  3. Time to teach him Fourier Transform.

  4. I wanted to be a hairdresser too!