Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A letter to Jared from his parents on his first birthday

To our son Jared,

A year ago today at 8am, you came into our arms screaming. That wouldn't be the last time you will be doing that in the first few months after your birth. You taught us many things that we can never imagine learning. Such as, learning one day that you like us singing to you but hate it when we both sing together. Was it because Mummy was trying too hard to harmonize? 

Taken today. Look how much you have grown!
As you grow, our lessons continue. We learn how to protect you from strangers who like to touch or kiss you in the train, we learn how much you love drawers so we gave you your own drawer and locked up ours, we learn that you love water too and you have no qualms about playing it in the toilet bowl and lastly, we learn that you are observing whatever we do by how you try to mimic us. Before you turned one, you had tried to: 1) talk on the phone 2) wash your own face 3) sweep the floor. 

As we celebrate your life on earth, all 12 months of it, we realize how much you are growing up. One day, we were walking together holding hands and then you let go of Mummy's hand to walk on your own. How hard it was for Mummy to let you be your own little man! It was with much strength that she didn't scoop you up, swaddle you tightly and put you in a cradle hold. 

We had to buy shoes for you. Shoes! Gone are the little mittens and booties Mummy hung out to dry days before you were born.

Today you said "Bye bye" to Daddy and he stayed a bit longer to play with you before going to work. Some nights you like to burrow into one of Daddy's underarms and fall asleep to the wonderful scent enveloping you. Other nights you like falling asleep with your short arm over Daddy's shoulders. It doesn't go all the way yet but one day, it will.

You sleep just like your Daddy. Mummy has pictures to confirm that.

Today you celebrated your birthday by climbing up and down the stairs with Gung Gung. Despite being under the weather, you insisted on playing with Gung Gung's pots and pans and your new toys. You make Popo laugh by blinking repetitively at her and pointing at your nose when we say ears and ears when we say nose. Mummy has a feeling you are pulling our legs. 

Learning to climb up the stairs.
Baby, you bring joy to everyone who meets you.

So, many happy returns on this lovely day, son. Our daily prayer is that you continue to grow well and healthy. Learn to love and care. A cheeky smile on your face all the time. To continue to be curious about the things around you. Most of all, to grow up to be a happy little boy. 

Happy 1st birthday!
Remember that Jesus loves you. And you are special. May God bless you with many more birthdays to come!

With Much Love,
Mummy & Daddy

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  1. Charis this post made me cry. Love you guys much, have a lovely week ahead :)