Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jared & food (Charis feeds and writes)

Since our last post on Jared's first step into the solid world, he has since gone on other foods such as sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, rice cereal and rusks. Jared loves his food! Or perhaps he just loves the idea of eating and loves playing with the spoon and the food that is laid out on his tray. But we all know who he takes after in this, heehee.
After having sweet potato for the first time.
This has been a great way for me to have my lunch as well. In the past, I will wait till he's asleep and that's usually not at a fixed 12 - 1pm schedule. But now, we get to eat together. I'm trying to teach him to eat by himself so it can get really messy. Suddenly it seemed like a better idea doing this just before his afternoon bath. Took me a few laundry runs and major cleaning to realize that. Doh!

Here's what happens when you let Jared eat on his own.
Time is a luxury ever since Jared came and every moment he's asleep, I'll be scurrying around doing little things. One can never know how long his sleep can go so I try not to start longer projects. Usually I get to update this blog only when he's taking long afternoon naps, just like today. Otherwise, night time, when he has turned in for the day, is the only time I get to do serious work.

That's why I love whoever invented the steamer blender and the food feeder! Jared's grandma and grandaunt bought the Phillips Avent Steamer Blender for his foray into solids and it has not disappoint. So easy to use and most importantly, so easy to wash. As for the food feeder, it is hands-free, fuss-free and the boy loves it! Here's a vid of Jared eating frozen pear puree from his food feeder which gave me lots of time to eat my lunch and also lots of happy laughter for Jared.


  1. precious! love those cheeks! i'm sure they get lots of kisses!
    completely understand the time restraints of having a little one.
    honestly though, was a bit jealous that you've already figured out the food processing technique! making baby food was definately one of the most stressful, time consuming aspects of having a baby. glad you've figured out how to do it - easily!
    and if we ever have a #3 i'll put your advice to work! ;)

  2. Yes, the Avnet steamer blender was a good investment! I used it till Sara was ant a yr plus. Its also great for smoothies!! Jared so cute la.