Monday, October 1, 2012

Jared's first step into the solid world (Charis writes)

It's been more than a month since our last post on Jared. So much has happened! He's had another haircut since, flew on a plane again and has started sitting up on his own. Another HUGE milestone achieved is his first taste of solid food. Okay, second taste since he accidentally ate some tissue paper awhile back. Both of us were so nervous that day whilst baby sits in his booster seat happily unaware of what was going to happen.

After consulting Dr. Google for weeks, we finally decided on giving avocado as his first food since it is easy to prepare and is pretty tasty as well. I mixed it with some breast milk so it is runny, easily digestible and tastes familiar. We took close to 100 pictures and a video before our camera ran out of batteries. Alas, what goes in must come out and shall we say, what came out was ab-so-lute-ly NASTY. Ahh, Baby's Firsts are such memorable occasions. Here are some pictures of that day in actual order (warning: may be repetitive hence the captions and attempt at humour) and a short video at the end of it below. Enjoy!

The superstar of the day awaiting for what's about to happen.
After the first few spoons. "That wasn't so bad, mummy!"
"But I think it needs a little bit of flavour"
Daddy took over the feeding while Mummy took pictures.
"Mmmm.. yummy!"
Jared keeping things fast despite Daddy having Flash hands.
One spoonful.
Pinch of flavour.
Flavour (do you see a pattern?)
Jared's got his game face on. GRRR-nom-nom-nom
"Is that all you got for me, huh?" he taunted.
Getting the hang of it.
And loving it.
Got distracted with his monkey friend who's also smeared with green goo.
Oops! Someone was overzealous in either the eating/feeding!
"Daddy, I think I'm gonna throw up."
All done! Good job, Jared!
(He didn't throw up)

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  1. What an awesome video. Long way before Ah Gung can take him to Macdonald.