Monday, March 26, 2012

In the Waiting Room... (Charis writes then waits)

To my darling son,

Mummy is waiting anxiously for your arrival. You are due in a week's time but you seem so snug inside, trying to move around in your tiny little space. You've started stretching lately, possibly testing your boundaries already. My ribs and bladder, for now, are your boundaries, my dear son.

At this point, it feels like Mummy is going to be pregnant forever. I am so glad to know that it is a thought shared by other Mummies too. Mummy has to constantly remind herself that at the end of the day, my darling baby WILL appear. You, my precious, will be in my arms even before I know it. That and knowing that God has specially scheduled a perfect hour for you has kept me sane these past few days.

I want to let you know a few things before you come out to this huge world. Firstly, you are going to made famous by your parents. You are going to appear on Facebook, Twitter and perhaps this blog. Don't worry you will have time to learn all that. We are going to follow you everywhere with a camera and tweet every funny thing you say or do. You are not going to have any privacy except within our own privacy settings. Not until you stop being cute & funny - which is a day I dread and hope will never come.

We will most certainly not be getting you an iPad till you are grown up. We'll try our utmost to not put you to sleep using YouTube videos (although it worked really well on your Big Cousin Asher). No Angry Birds until you know it's not funny to elastic birds into the air. You are to sit on the dining table with the rest of us and learn to socialize. Your peers (and perhaps their parents too) will sneer at you from their baby chairs and tablets. Chin up, my dear, you will learn to talk faster this way.

Mummy knows best.

Remember that your daddy and mummy are still learning to be adults. Sometimes you will see us looking at each other sadly as if to remind each other of our responsibility to you. You will have to forgive us if we act like monkeys sometimes (oh, we'll bring you to see them at the zoo - they're a hoot!). Our parents were like that, so I guess we will be the same too. Don't roll your eyes or stick out your tongue, that does not become of a young gentleman.

Kisses and hugs are good for your health. Never stop kissing and hugging mummy even if she's in a foul mood - there is magic in your touch. Oh, it's okay to have bad days, just don't let the sun go down before you are right-side up again. If you fail to do so, you will be cross-eyed and will find yourself walking on your hands the next day.

Mummy knows best.

In the first few months you're here, we are going to try deciphering every cry you make. However, it would be good if you could drop us some hints. We'll take anything. Mummy's sorry if I accidentally wear your diaper the other way round for you or if I fall asleep whilst feeding you. Just give me a kick to wake me up. You're good at that already.

Come to Mummy and Daddy if you need anything. We may not be very wise, but we sure can offer some comfort if you need any. We have two hands and they connect to arms and hearts that can fit you in an embrace so tight and loving that will take all your worldly cares away. Otherwise, ice cream might help too. But only during emergencies. Your Daddy absolutely loves ice cream.

We are waiting anxiously for you, my dear son. Your bed is ready, your clothes, toys, mittens and even the little sling and stroller that will be bringing you to many places is ready. See you soon - in that perfect hour that is solely yours. We love you, baby Jared.


  1. Excitedly waiting with you guys too! Jared. luv the name! rockstar in the making. hehe.

  2. waiting to see you soon baby

  3. what a beautiful letter... how pleasant coz i came into the blog thinking, 'come on, give us a post before baby comes out'. hehe