Friday, April 6, 2012

What to do when you're still waiting... (Charis writes)

Ah, it is passed Week 40 now and baby Jared has decided to keep his parents waiting. I can't believe that it's been a month since we packed the hospital bag! That means we have been waiting anxiously for a month now :) Mum's here with us for 3 weeks now and I guess all of us did not suspect how long Jared will take to appear.

So what have I been doing while waiting?

1. Take long walks in the park (and watch Mum work out!)

Mum gearing up for the arrival of a newborn baby

2. Finally finish baby's quilt!

It took more than half a year :P

3. Sew Mum an apron to use in the kitchen.

It took only a day of intense concentration.
Proof I had been lazy with the quilt :P
4. Clean the house again and again.
5. Frequently go to a second-hand bookstore and rent lots of mystery novels and biographies.

Agatha Christie is my Mum's and my favourite.
6. Take time to enjoy Mum's company and home-cooked food!

This is just some of it! 
7. Daydream of what to do during Jared's full-moon party (I'm thinking baby blue cupcakes!)
8. Talk to Jared and count his movements - he's been rather active lately, almost like he's dancing inside!
9. Turning to social media always works.
10. Overall, trying not to be such a worry wart!

Not too long now ;)

I asked Samuel how he is feeling right now with all this waiting from the father's perspective. He said he's just "anxiously waiting". I think he's nervous as well 'coz when I called him at work one day, he picked up after one ring and said, "labour already-ah?!". Oh, Samuel :)


  1. We're all anxiously waiting with you! *huggss*

  2. Quite cool to see ur mum working out haha.. awaiting the next generation..

  3. so sweet to hear your excitement. praying baby Jared will arrive right on time! btw: love the name! and hoping to see you sometime in your neck of the woods. ;)
    Jennifer & Jarod (Sterling & Liberty)