Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feeling the Heat! (Charis sweats it out)

Conversation between SIL and me:

Me: Eh, so when should I start washing the baby's clothes ah? When did you start washing for Travis?
SIL: Huh?! You haven't washed the clothes yet?!
Me: Er, not yet 'coz I didn't want to start too early and I'm afraid it'll just get dirty again... 
SIL: You should start washing now already! What if the baby comes early?
Me: Okay! *sheepish grin* ....we haven't started painting the crib yet too :P

Yes, we are certainly feeling the heat. And, no thanks to Bangkok's current summer heatwave, I am feeling the heat in and out!

Good news is I have started compiling all of Baby's clothes, mittens, booties, towels, hankies, nappies, sheets, bolster covers, blankets... (did I miss anything out?) into the laundry basket already. Who knew he would have a bigger wardrobe then both his parents combined?! All thanks to wonderful people who handed us such cute baby boy clothes. 

As for the baby crib (passed to us from a friend), ambitious as we were when we first started out... its wooden parts are now leaning against the wall while we contemplate paying the building maintenance guys to do the job for us. Scraping old paint off is just no fun especially in this heat. 

Some of the wooden parts of our baby's crib leaning forlornly against the wall.
Samuel bought a sander just for this. Oh, well!

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  1. oh the pressure to get everything done... and right!
    don't want to add anything else to your to do list, but i read a book when i was pregnant called, "how to have your second child first" and it gave great advice on what is/not essential. it was so encouraging. amazon.com has it in kindle edition if you want an easy, fun read that will relieve some of your mommy guilt. ;)
    p.s. liberty slept in a plastic bin... and then a cardboard box when she was a newborn ;)