Monday, May 31, 2010

Wives know best! (Charis chats)

Samuel and I are now back in Bangkok after a week back home in KL. Sam was to join me later in KL but due to the situation here in last 2 weeks, he managed to get leave to work in his KL office instead. That turned out to be a really great arrangement as we managed to complete our to-do-list together, which was quite an achievement as you can see:

You must be wondering at the careless nature of our spending but really, movies here are so expensive, we just couldn't resist (over)indulging in our favourite pastime together. Anyhoo, I had the most enjoyable time last week meeting all my close family and friends, I almost forgot I had to come back here to stay :( I'm missing all of you already...

So, that's why I brought a bit of home back here! Since coming here the last time, I found out that there are some foods sorely lacking from the supermarket shelves here and that sadly, the distant cousins of our products back home we find here are so different. So I brought "some" here. Also, my housekeeping instincts couldn't resist getting a few more items from IKEA to add to the household goods. So I brought "some" here. To top it all off, we brought back some other misc items (wedding presents!) we couldn't bring back the last time. Add that all up and what do you get? Answer: Excess baggage of 45 kg for 2 persons with 7 kgs of hand carry luggage EACH. Now, I show you the "spoils":

Yes, I brought back a toaster oven. Yes, I brought back 1kg of frozen chicken breakfast sausages. Yes, I stocked up on 4 buy5free1 packs of maggi mee (curry and chicken flavour, of course). Yes, I even brought back a whole bottle of chilli sauce. Yes, I brought back a garlic press, 1 colander, 1 microwave cover thingy, 2 chicken curry sauce, 1 Kentucky chicken spice, 5 packets of barley, two 1.25l of shampoo, 1 photo album and need I go on? :)

Husband was all exclamations naturally, but I was allowed to bring them back IF, and only IF, they fit into the 2 suitcases we brought back. I did nothing less than a miracle with the packing, I can tell you, yea-huh, a miracle. Sam eventually relented and agreed to my saying "Wives know best" when he came home hungry yesterday after the flight and I whipped him a hearty meal of chicken flavoured maggi mee with eggs and 3 breakfast sausages which, I might add, narrowly missed his censorship cut. 

Now I exit stage left to start doing unpacking and house cleaning. Thank you all of you who made our week back with you a wonderful and amazing one. We'll see you soon!


  1. 45kg excess?? oh boy that musta cost u! :)

  2. We pre-bought 30kgs but had to buy 15 more :P If not for the pre-book, it would definitely be excess ;)

  3. sam, charis should be allowed to bring back anything she wants, ANYTHING at all... I AM SO JEALOUS... because the aussie borders are so fussy! ;(

  4. Agnes! That's right! Tell it to him! haha... Yea, it's a bummer the Ozzies are so strict about bringing food items there!

  5. maggi mee is considered a hearty meal????? hahahahahahahahaha....

  6. Yes! Because it is cooked from the heart! hehehhe