Monday, May 3, 2010

The one where we woke up at 8am

We got a call 16th April at around noon from Dr Living Lee (our marriage registrar) that he got a seminar the next day from 8.30am till about 5pm. We had two choices, we either had to do it after the seminar at about 6pm which we couldn't as the boys had planned a stag night and the ladies had their thing as well or 8am which is super early!!

Ok, moving back again for those who doesn't know, we're scheduled to be registered for marriage at People's Park by Dr Living on the 17th of April at 10am. We told our close friends and family about that and they blocked off the time to come for the ceremony. 

Fast forward, we chose 8am and so Charis started calling a few and from there the word spread. We didn't know who would come but we're glad that so many turn up. By 8.20am we were done and registered as husband and wife. By 9am, Dim Sum! 

The moment of truth

Dr Living Lee signing it off

That's it - lawfully husband and wife

Even Asher got up and dressed up by 8am

The Yau Family

The Liew Family

Best Men's (can't really see if they're asleep or awake as their eyes are the same - sepet. haha)

The ladies

Chun Chong - our good friend and photographer (contact him for any photo taking work you need - his link is at the side of the blog)

All who woke up at 8am

Followed by some candid shots:

All in all it was a good day that ended with some guy bonding session at Gentings for the guys and some really stressful spa for the ladies (at least that's what Sam heard).

Next, the wedding.


  1. the baywatch pic :)

  2. i just realized i commented on the wrong post...hahaha noob!!