Sunday, June 17, 2012

MAMArazzi on the prowl!

You've heard of PAPArazzi, but have you heard of MAMArazzi? Beware! She's on the prowl...

CAUGHT! Bad hair day.
Jared's hair gets a lot of attention when we go out and no wonder, since he had his first real hair cut (in a barber shop, no less) when he was just one-month old! Despite the cut, his hair is still long and he does get some bad hair days at times. The out-of-bed look suits Jared just fine though!

CAUGHT! Thumb-sucking
Jared didn't use to suck his thumb or fingers in his early days, preferring the pacifier or the milk bottle during feeding. When he reached about 6 weeks, he learnt how to self-soothe himself but the start wasn't easy. He got knuckle-punched, poked his own eye and just couldn't find his mouth. But eventually he got it. First one knuckle, then a few fingers, a little twist and it's the little thumb. You can hear him sucking it for all its worth whenever he wakes up from his nap.

CAUGHT! Smiling at strange objects.
Now this is one thing that still amazes me. Sometimes I have to put him down on the rocker whilst I go about with the house chores. Initially, I thought he wouldn't like me leaving him alone but a strange thing happened. Jared found some "friends" in the form of the ceiling light and the ceiling corner. I'll leave him on the rocker and he is quiet and still but then I'll hear some "talking' going on. I caught him "playing" with the ceiling here. Who knew I'd have the ceiling and lights to thank in helping with the parenting?

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