Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daily life with Jared (Charis writes)

Gone are the days when I can post up long narrations, and the next posts are going to be few and far in between. Bringing home a baby is a joy but once the novelty wears off, reality sets in. The first day we brought Jared back was probably the most hectic, upside-down day ever. And we thought we were all ready! We realized the bottles needed to be sterilized, his clothes needed to be sorted according to size, knowing what his cries meant the first few days, etc.. Samuel had to make a midnight trip out once to get a pacifier for Jared, who just couldn't stop crying despite being well fed. These 3 weeks have definitely been the longest (and I thought the waiting was longer!) but we've gotten used to having a newborn around now and a routine has somewhat been established (we're still fine-tuning it!)

First day home from the hospital

Sorry, baby! We're trying our best!
We had a lot of visitors for Jared, his great-grandmother and grand-aunt, along with both his grandparents were here to welcome this new arrival to the family. It was definitely very crowded but very welcomed as I was still "confined" and couldn't really go out much, so the company was great.

Jared's great-grandmother and grandaunt

Jared's Popo & Gung Gung - first time meeting each other

All the essentials that came along with Jared's Popo and Gung Gung

Jared's Grandpa
And of course, Grandma who has also been waiting patiently for Jared too!
We had our hands full getting ready for Jared's early Full Moon party but everyone chipped in and made it happen. We had it in our condo's game room and invited all our friends here in Bangkok. We were so busy we almost forgot the main star, who had to be cleaned and changed for his big debut. He was decked out in full I'm-so-cute-you're-gonna-want-to-hug-me gear, bought by Grandma.

Daddy making the pacifier candies.

Gung gung making the fabulous cupcakes.

Jared looks like such a big boy here :)
My confinement month is almost coming to an end, and that means goodbye Grandma and hello we're-all-by-ourselves-now. It is a scary thought but we're going to try our best!

Family picture taken after the party


  1. Congrats, baby Jared looks very cute :)

  2. so awesome to meet (via blog) your sweet baby boy! he's absolutely beautiful!
    i know this is a season of great adjustment. thank you for your honesty.
    hope you are experiencing Dad's peace during this time and the love & support of your brothers and sisters & parents.
    hoping we have opportunity to meet him & reconnect with you two in the coming year.
    JD2 (+Sterling & Liberty)