Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our first guest! (Charis writes)

I've been meaning to get our Moving Day pics up but it has been sitting in Draft mode for quite awhile now. Blame the perfectionist in me when it comes to pictures and story-telling. Anw, just to whet your appetite a little, I'm just going to go ahead and skip to posting the picture of our first guest in our new place! Joanne, you were a great guest and thanks for warming up the room with your presence ;) Saw your "thank you" note on the fridge - what a pleasant surprise! :D
Joanne and I posing in front of our book shelf.  On the left you can see the
guest room and oops! the laundry too :D
Will get the other pics up soon, I promise! :)

1 comment:

  1. whoooa check out my bangkok belly :)

    I got such a restful sleep that night, i remember i decided skip the movie and retire at 10pm.

    Thanks for having me over guys. miss you babe charis, see you realll soon :)