Monday, November 29, 2010

New place, new discoveries (Charis tweetblogs)

Finally! After a month in this new place, we have settled down. No more unpacking, cleaning and bumping into furniture!

As we speak, Sam is going off movies for a week. Running bet is that he'll last only 0.5 hrs, 24 hrs and 3 days. 3 hours and counting.

My nephew is starting to speak. He can sing the "Rain, go away" song and recite the alphabet almost perfectly. I miss him so much! :)

Sales have not been as gd as I had expected on my on9 shop. 2 cut the blues, I baked us sum choc chip cookies & sent sum 2 Sam's colleagues.

 #Bangkok weather is quite tolerable of late. Can't say the same for our building. Consistent water cuts and noisy construction nearby. 

My wishlist for this #Christmas is a sewing machine, an electric piano and something nice. I am, after all, a very simple girl.

Sad that we won't be home for #Christmas this year, but looking forward to a great year-end vacation anw :)

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  1. Wow, if only I have a wife that bakes cookies whenever I'm down ...