Tuesday, January 25, 2011

28 things (Sam speaks)

(found this via google)

I've turned 28. Most people ask how did I celebrated my birthday and I really didn't know how to answer. I enjoyed just being around people and having a cake (ok it was like 2 in the office then 4 mini cakes with Charis and friends). Anyway, I'm not one who celebrates with big parties but it was nice to know that so many wished on facebook. Gives you that nice tingly feeling that you're remembered

I enjoyed that one day but I'll rather say that I enjoyed celebrating everyday for 28 years.

I don't really remember everything but here's a snapshot off the milestones for the year-

1. The biggest highlight I must say was getting married (to a girl whom I met 10 years ago that became my bestest friend)! There are more pictures of our wedding on facebook so just look that up. It also started this blog.
Everything before this was a blur preparing for the wedding, flying in and out of Malaysia.

2. Then came our trip to Phuket in which I got my first "saman" in Thailand since moving here.

3. Charis then moves in to our first home as a family. This is when the place was turned from a bachelor pad to a family house.

(no pictures cause I don't remember what my bachelor pad used to look like :))

4. Picked up my guitar again and started playing in church. Feels good

5. Celebrated another milestone year working at P&G. Oh yeah!

(Yup, Old Spice is a P&G brand)

6. Sat on a plane for 22 hours. And back.

7. First time in USA. (Notice my gloves that doesn't match with anything that I'm wearing. Rookie winter mistake)

8. Saw snow for the first time. Can't see my gloves.

9. New Years countdown NYC Times Square. (From really far far away)

Of course there are many more milestones but who's really counting. Just counting these blessings are sufficient to be grateful for.

Ok, time to sleep.

More on the US trip later.

P.S It was also my dad's b'day a few days back so wish him as well.


  1. Hey guys. We lost your email address. Can you let us know what it is? we are jdavis2@pobox.com.

    Jarod and Jennifer


  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by again! Thanks for the b'day wish as well.

    How're the kids doing? Baby all "warmed" up to the weather yet? :)

    Our email add is at the top of the page - samuel.charis@gmail.com

    It's going to be CNY here but it probably ain't as crazy as what you guys are going through. Heard that the country basically shuts down for 2 whole weeks!