Monday, April 19, 2010

The Final Week Preparations

Allrights, this is the final week to nail all loose ends. 

Clothes. Suits. Food. Cake. Chairs. Coffee. Kuihs. Dinner. Sing. Dance. Play. CreditCard. Cash. Sleep. Car. Flowers. Rings. Music. PA. Visual. Piano. Drums. MusicInstruments. Sleep .Spa. IceCream. Performance. GOD. Church. Friends. Invites. Relatives. RSVP. Devotions. Candles. Cloth. FlowerBall. Shoes. Socks. Belt. Hair. Dress. Gown. Bridesmaids. BestMen. Saxophone. Slides. Photo. Video.....

Things are getting exciting. 

See ya this Sat.

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